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Altfin Health Schemes

General waiting period 3 months
Upgrading package 3 months (must remain for 12months before upgrading)
Hospitalisation 6 months
Dental 6 months
Pre-existing chronic disease medication 6 months
Specialist treatment 6 months
MRI & CT scans, Radiology, Nuclear medicine 6 months
Elective surgery 6 months with authorization
Orthopeadic appliances 6 months (wheel chair excluded)
Maternity 9 months
Geriatric nursing homes 12 months
Downgrading package 12 months
Foreign Treatment 12 months
Optical appliances & cataract extraction 12 months, then 24months for subsequent collection of spectacles
Haemodialysis 24 months
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy 24 months
Internal and External prosthesis 24 months
Orthodontic and periodontic 3 years

Waiting periods apply but may be amended at board discretion for corporates who have 50 principal members and above.